Beerless in Bavaria

Russ Johnson, the
Connected Traveler, gave a funny podcast report from
Oktoberfest last week. The sober observer explains why he is beerless, and
shares his first-ever flea circus experience. It’s entertaining stuff.  (There is a video too but I couldn’t view
it, as it only works on Windows.)

I’ve only recently begun listening to the numerous travel podcasts that keep popping up. Although I’ve just skimmed
the surface of what’s out there, so far (besides the Gadling podcasts, of course ;-), I’m most impressed with Russ’
reports. Erik also mentioned Connected Traveler last
month, and I have to guess that maybe Russ worked on toning down his polished sound. This newest podcast was festive, a
little silly with a touch of sarcasm, I enjoyed it thoroughly. You can listen to the mp3
here and read the entire dispatch