Intrepid Job Hunting

For those who aren’t familiar with Intrepid Travel, the agency
specializes in trips for people that
want to escape their world and desire real experiences. Intrepid travelers
are people who not only have a lust for living, but a love for life and all walks of life. Trip styles vary and include
family adventures, active, comfort, expeditions, and gourmet travel to name a few. Though Intrepid may involve a group
travel of 12 individuals you can forget about calling it mainstream tourism.

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Wish you could take part in exploring exotic location around the globe with other
like-minded individuals, but can’t afford to take the time off? I’m right there with you. However, they are
currently seeking group leaders for several tours
in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Antarctica, and Latin America. Getting paid to travel sounds amazing, but take a
gander around the site before diving into the lengthy online application which requires a lot of thought about your
life experiences rather than your regular old resume.

Oh, and good luck.