Seven years ago, Baltimore couple Kevin and Natalie Keegan visited New Orleans. Hanging out in
the French Quarter one night, they met a local couple, Kewan and Theresa Minor. The two couples hit it off and enjoyed
the sights and sounds of Bourbon Street together. A friendship was born, but no one could have imagined where it would
take them.

The couples kept in touch, and even vacationed together once in Ocean City, MD. Of course, when Katrina hit, the
Keegans did all they could to get in touch with the Minors to see how they were coping. When they finally connected,
the bond of this friendship began to grow even deeper. The Minors, now homeless and without work, had friends who could
help. The Keegans helped the family find jobs and a place to live in Baltimore, and donated their frequent flier miles
to fly the Minors, and their daughter Gracie, to their new home.

I love this story. The Keegans are my pick for engaged travelers of the week, having opened their
home and hearts to a young couple they just happened to hang with in the Quarter one night while on vacation. From
strangers in the Big Easy to life-long friends in Baltimore. Listen to their
, from the local NPR affiliate here in Baltimore, WYPR.