Breaking Trail

Arlene Blum, mountaineering pioneer, is
best known for leading the first American—and all-women’s—ascent of Annapurna. She also led the first women’s team up
Mt. McKinley and was the first American woman to attempt Mt. Everest. She’s also a scientist, and holds a doctorate in
biophysical chemistry. But wait, there’s more: read Arlene’s full bio

Twenty-five years ago she wrote Annapurna: A Woman’s Place,
about her historic Himalayan expedition. Now she has written a new book,
Breaking Trail: A Climbing Life, a memoir of her life among
the mountains. The book includes short vignettes about her upbringing, stories of her mountain treks, and tales from
her scientific endeavors. I’m betting Arlene is a fascinating
speaker and I’m sure her books are quite captivating.
Here’s her upcoming event schedule. Oh, and ladies, be sure to
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