Catching up on blog reading last night, I was directed to
Chookooloonks, the blog of
photographer Karen Walrond, who currently lives in
Trinidad & Tobago with her husband and daughter.

A native Trinidadian who was college-educated in Texas and also spent several years living in England, Karen shares
insightful perspectives on family, food, culture and island life. I was particularly struck by her
recent post about being a “citizen
of the world”, a feeling shared, I’m sure, by many who travel frequently, have lived abroad, or are part of a diverse
family tree with roots that span the globe.

Two of my favorite things about Karen’s blog are the stunning island images she has captured in her photos, and the
Trinidadian cooking tips she shares. Make sure to read about the very popular
pelau — I’ve never had it, but my brother
recently honeymooned in T&T and the newlyweds have not stopped raving about this traditional chicken and
rice meal. I’ll have to whip up some Trini treats for them using Karen’s recipes.