JetBlue Emergency Landing Okay

I’m sure many of us have heard about the scary situation that occurred yesterday with the JetBlue
Airbus that took off from Burbank, CA en route to JFK. Apparently the plane encountered
gear problems where the front wheels got stuck in a sideways position after take off. Before bringing the plane
down for an emergency landing at LAX, the pilot circled the friendly skies for three hours dumping fuel over the
Pacific while passengers watched on satellite TV.
CNN has more details on the entire
ordeal and some footage if you didn’t get a chance to see the plane land safely live.

But let’s get back to the passengers watching this inside the plane! WHAT!!! As if it weren’t intense enough
watching it in my own home, these people watched their own life-or-death drama on the plane? One passenger from the CNN
story stated they would have been a lot calmer without the live broadcast and not to drag the whole thing out, but I
agree. My point, they should have cut the TV’s off.