North Korea Travelogue Book Review

North Korea is one of the most enigmatic, odd, stupefying places on the globe. I cannot say whether it deserves the
distinction of being a part of the Axis of Evil, that in my opinion is all political nonsense, but there is no denying
that the place is like no other on the planet for its style of government and the enduring cult of personality
surrounding the country’s leader Kim Il Song.

I confess I’m totally curious about the place, and only wish there was more stuff written about it. So it was a real
pleasure to find this book review on
. The review, by Frank Bures finds the book “insightful, funny and, at times, touching”. The book itself
was written by Guy Delisle, who spent two months working in the North Korean capitol, Pyongyang in 2001. Oddly, it is
not a book of words, but of pictures. Delisle is a graphic novelist whose work is highly respected in that genre. The
review gives a solid idea of the book and made me want to get my hands on a copy pronto.