Dealing with Beggars

Almost everyone at some point in their travels has encountered a beggar or two or three. For
some walking by without blinking an eye is tough while
others can do it with no sweat. I knew a woman who every time she went to Jamaica ended up shelling out at
least $400. She couldn’t stand to see children and people live that way and found herself generously donating to
Jamaica’s poor. For those who always find giving awkward or just need a quick lesson in the do’s and don’ts of
shedding a couple dollars, the
Globe and
has a piece on how to deal with begging.

To summarize some of their tips:

  • Give to women, children, invalids, and those truly in need. Not the working beggar.

  • Don’t unwrap your wad of cash in the middle of the street to give to one or you’ll find  yourself quickly
    surrounded by many.

  • Lastly, consider toting trinkets from your country like lapel pins and ballpoint pens with flags to create