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Macromedia MAX ticket giveaway and exclusive Treo 700w information.

FlashInsider is still looking for entries for the
Mochi Media
Macromedia MAX ticket giveaway

DVGuru?s Ajit Anthony highlights some helpful
Mac post production tools and
discusses all of the new info coming out the Resfest
while Mike Burgoyne discusses the release of
Grass Valley?s new
professional camcorder

The Wireless Weblog?s Michael Sciannamea wonders if it
really is necessary to have music on your
, looks at how the wireless providers are
for Hurricane Rita, and wonders if
Cingular?s iTunes-like service will make a

Divester?s Willy Volk lists the
World?s Coolest WaterborneVehicles and
provides a roundup of the
MP3players and waterproof housings for MP3 Players
while Bill Reals tells about
Patrick Musimu?s ?no limits?free dive
to 687 feet

Luxist?s Deidre Woollard plans a return to the womb with the
futuristic-looking Oculas asks much would you pay for
Clay Aiken?s pants and checks out a
massive Florida compound with water views from the front
and back.

Keith reviews the
premiere of Lost while
Lacy gives her thoughts on
Lost?s overall endgame and
C.K. gives us the rundown on the
Big Brother 6 finale.

HDBeat?s Richard Lawler
boycotts all things not in HD, especially video games
and Matt Burns kicks off the HD
Beat Buyers Guide
by helping you find the rightsize set while Kevin C. Tofel asks
what will move you from the home theater to the

Engadget has the scoop on the
Palm Treo 700w, gives you the lowdown on the
battle between Blu-ray and HD DVD, and argues that
wedding DJ?s are unneeded when you have an