Oahu Hostels

I just finished talking on the phone to my friend in Hawai’i who I’ll be visiting next month and I
can’t tell you how relieved I am to be crashing at her pad. Even though I used to live
there myself, some five years back with a good number of friends many of us have moved away from the island back
onto the mainland. Luckily there’s a few stragglers and a couple making there way to Oahu just now. Though I
love the thought of visiting Hawai’i, I cringe at having to pay for accommodation during my trip. It’s expensive,
but there are a couple or cheap finds if you’re willing to crash at a hostel.

Many people are surprised hostels even exist in Hawai’i. There may not be many, but there are two pretty decent ones
with beds from $14-$20 a night. You can check out
for full details and contact information. A stay at the University Hostel will place you in a cozy
neighborhood near some great hiking trails to Manoa Falls. The Waikiki hostel will put you in the city center where
you’ll be two blocks away from the tourist packed Waikiki Beach and have access to several other beaches that may be a
little less populated with tourists. Then again, it’s Hawai’i. But if you’re one of the smart and plan it right at
least you’ll be able to score a cheap night’s rest.