Pizza Tourism

In honor of
Slashfood’s Pizza Day, here are some
travel-related pizza tidbits:

Pizza farms are all the buzz these days. About a week ago everyone was talking about Walt Gregory’s
in Alton, Illinois. There’s another at the
Madera Fairgrounds in California. Each slice of
these farms represents a food product used to top a pizza.

I’m completely biased of course, but we all know the best pizzas are made in NY, right? I’m partial to Pizza City,
the local joint in my hometown of Pearl River — no website, just awesome thin crust pizza. And you have to fold it when
you eat it!

Two great ways to learn more about pizza in NY: take the A Slice of Brooklyn Pizza Tour or do
a five-borough-in-a-day tasting, like A Year in Food
did earlier this year.

And here’s a cool story about a pizza-making hero in
Perth, Australia, who is gearing up to defend
his America’s Plate pizza title. The competition will take place
during the NY Pizza Show in early November.

Finally, NewYorkology tells us about a
pizza place in Louisiana that is
looking for Brooklyn memorabilia so they can eventually reopen their flood-damaged pizza joint. Help out if you

And eat some pizza today!