I’ve got a few foodie travel bits lined up for today. I guess all that
pizza talk yesterday over at
Slashfood got me salivating…

First up is a unique way to meet other travelers when you’re away from home on business or a solo trip. Dinnerpoint
sounds like a travel version of Dinner at 8 — Instead of meeting up with
busy professionals who live close by, the group that gathers at some trendy restaurant is a bunch of strangers just
passing through.

The Telegraph’s Sophie Campbell
loved it and the
process seems simple enough. Everything is done via the web and there are dinners scheduled weekly in 12 cities around
the world. Right now the service operates in seven US cities, three in Europe, as well as Shanghai and Sydney. For $15
bucks, pounds, euros, etc. (plus the cost of dinner), I would definitely give this a shot if the restaurant seemed like
a reasonably priced place in a part of town I wanted to visit.