Travel for a Good Cause

Budget Travel has posted a
nice list of
ways to donate to hurricane victims by using Frequent Flier Miles or even going on vacation for a good cause. Many
residents and businesses have been devastated by the storms, and the tourism industry in the Gulf region has taken an
extra hard hit.

I know that I’d like to help by actually going down there and visiting again, as soon as we all get the go-ahead
that conditions have improved enough. I’ve already been in touch with friends in Baton Rouge about visiting, and I’d
like to do it as soon it’s okay to spend a little money in the region to help local businesses get on their feet. On
NPR Weekend Edition, I learned about one
guesthouse in the Marginy
that could possibly be up and running sooner than some others, as it escaped the wrath of
deep floodwaters. (The owners have yet to return to NOLA to assess the damage, so it will still be awhile, of

But until New Orleans, Biloxi and the rest of the region can welcome us again, Budget Travel’s list tells us what else
we can do to make a difference. There are tips on which frequent flyer programs allow users to donate miles for relief,
as well as info on deals at restaurants, hotels and on cruises. Or, what about a vacation in Florida?
Getaways for Gulf Aid was set up by folks in the
Florida tourism industry who donated entire travel packages. Buy a weekend away in Florida
(via E-bay auction), and
all proceeds go to the Red Cross. How about that for our weekly Philanthropy on the Road pick? It’s a
neat idea, and helps promote tourism in their own region until their neighbors can get going again.