Corn Maze Trips

Many of us travelers are true wanders, going through life without any plans, itineraries, or maps
to guide us. We let the wind take us to and from our next destination and if we get a
little lost a long the way, that’s okay. Some journey to intentionally get lost, to live out childhood fairy tales
of Alice and Wonderland or to keep their minds puzzled while finding a way out of the maze. Confused? Sound a
little like yourself or someone you know? MSNBC has a magical piece
on corn maze trips
. Should you decide to keep the kids busy for a while or be amazed with the maize maze
yourself, you can’t say they don’t make for an awesome day-trip. Strolling the cornfields while the sun drenches
its ever warm rays upon your head as you seek the next possible turn out! Marvelous, simply marvelous. The article
provides tons of suggestions on corn mazes across the states, many on as much as eight acres of land with three
miles of twists and turns like the one pictured here, found in Layton, Utah.