Giant Squid Caught on Film

Wow, is the word that came to mind when I read this article in

today’s New York Times
. If you are/were a fan of Jules Verne novels…or if you remember riding the submarine ride at
Disneyland…or if you just are plain interested in this kind of stuff, then you will be blown away by the images that
were captured recently by two Japanese scientists who were working approximately 600 miles south of Tokyo off the Bonin

The scientists attached a camera to a line that dangled some 3,000 feet below the surface. They waited. And they
waited. And finally, the monster came along…a 26-foot long beast that grabbed the bait and struggled for over four
hours to rip the food away. The struggle was so severe that the squid left behind an 18-foot length of tentacle, which
was immediately cut up and made into sushi (just kidding about that last part).

But seriously, this is really cool.