Hitchhiking Vietnam

Want to find out everything you need to know about Vietnam before embarking on your trip?
Check out Hitchhiking Vietnam, Letters
from the Trail
, on the PBS web site. Incredible! Whether you crave a little blood soup for dinner or wish to
read up on some Hmong superstitions before you hit the sack tonight, they have got you covered. Some of the
superstitions found in the section on Vietnam’s minority people might fill your dreams with something a little wacky,
but I’ve always taken a liking to reading about superstitions. For instance, one belief states if a child does not wear
a hat for protection its spirit will escape from its head. In terms of travel, going at the road alone is a big no-no
for the Hmong as a spirit of the road may cause a sprained ankle.

If you wish to skip all the hocus-pocus you can also find some extremely useful information and tips on what to do
if you happen to end up in jail, visiting the animal market, Hanoi and how to make it big as a Mekong farmer. Start
with the visual Vietnam quiz. You’ll
see some interesting photos of  items you might see on your travels through the country. Some were pretty
easy to guess while others will surprise many.