Road Trip Eastern Washington

Here’s a series
that a former Seattleite like myself can truly enjoy. Northwest Weekend editor and die-hard Seattle resident Brian
Cantwell heads out on the roads of Washington State in an effort to visit every county he’s never seen, and provides a
vivid picture of a part of the Northwest that most folks know nothing about.

The idea is to explore “some 13,000 square miles of unexplored blacktop, unvisited roadside attractions, untasted
drive-in food, unhiked trails, unsavored bakeries, unmet fellow Washingtonians

Along the way, he will pass through such off the map towns as Republic, Kettle Falls, Usk and, for bible fans, the
town of Eden. Like a good adventurer, he’s set some specific ground rules for the trip: Avoid freeways. No chain
motels. No chain restaurants

And like a good Northwesterner, he’s doing it in a 2005 Toyota Prius.

Herer’s the PDF map
of his itinerary. We’ll be checking back with him as the ride progresses.