Seeing Downtown LA

Having spent much of my life in LA, I feel like I know the city’s sights as well as anyone. I sometimes am hard on
the city, criticizing it as a place weighed down by traffic and smog, and I’ve rued the sometimes shallow nature of the
its movie and TV-obsessed culture. But the reality is LA has a lot to offer, from great music and bars, to fine clubs,
museums and, of course, beaches. I was reminded of some of LA’s great virtues when reading
this Sac Bee
on the City of Angels.

The piece examines the downtown area and highlights some of its cool hotspots like Clifton’s Cafeteria off Broadway
and the Original Pantry. It also talks about the burgeoning culture of downtown, the new Disney Hall and the many new
restaurants cropping up. If you’ve never been to LA, it’s worth a read for sure. But even if you are from there, the
piece might stir some fond memories or offer some suggestions you haven’t thought of in a while.