What’s Your Airport Fantasy?

Take a geothermal hot springs soak, grab some groceries or even take a swim — these are just some of the perks
available to travelers at airports around the world to make layovers and airport hours more enjoyable.

What do you want to do when you’ve got time to kill in the terminal? Outside Magazine gets us started with
sixteen terminal treats currently in
operation from Vancouver to Kuala Lumpur.

So what else have you seen while traveling? Or do you have an airport fantasy of your own that you’d love to see at
a terminal? I’ll get things started with one idea to make airport visits more fun — let fliers get crafty! I think it
would be cool to have a place to paint, draw or develop photos when stuck in an airport. I know there are art galleries
in some airports and there’s talk about the
return of art to terminal design, but why not give travelers an outlet for creativity of their own? Sorta like an
airport arts-n-craft space, including a darkroom (for the non-digital photographers among us), sketch pads and some
easels? Remember what Viktor created at JFK?