Killing Pigs for Fun

Poor Porky.

Looks like things are picking up for those who enjoy killing animals. According
to this piece in the Times, several states have
relaxed the rules and are allowing hunters to go out and kill wild pigs. Bacon-loving hunters in Hawaii, California and
Texas (of course) can now go out and play Lord of the Flies to their heart’s content. The reason is largely because
wild pig populations are soaring in these places and the local authorities figure its time to reduce the population and
to let people with guns have a little fun at the same time. In fact, in California, the Department of Fish and Game has
even started offering advanced wild boar hunting clinics and created a 365-day open season on pigs, with no bag

Time to revise the famous little ditty: “This little piggy went wee wee wee, ka-boom! and turned to pink mush”.