Pole Shrinkage

Here is a question for you to ponder: should we care if the polar ice caps are melting?

Seriously. Does it really matter? Sure, certain places like the Maldives might disappear beneath the sea, destructive
hurricanes might continue to ravage our coastlines, Vegas might become beach-front property, poorly adapting species
might go extinct: but is it worth it to try to address the issue if it means giving up our SUVs and reducing our
insatiable demand for energy? Hard to say. And for now and perhaps the next day or two, the question is more
theoretical than real. So we have some time.

But if you’re interested in the subject just for conversation’s sake, you might find
this piece in the Times of interest. Scientists are
saying that the ice sheet way up there where no one really goes anyways….at least not New Yorkers (which again, prompts
the question, does it matter)…is likely to be about 20 percent smaller than the overall average of the last century
or so. Here’s a nifty map
showing the shrinkage.

So again, does it matter, or is it all just part of God’s great plan for this great spinning blob in space?