US to Ban Caviar

Here’s one for traveling foodies who might soon find one of their favorite luxury items out of reach. The Fish and
Wildlife Service said they will ban imported
caviar that are harvested from beluga sturgeon
in the Caspian Sea, which are endangered and on the brink of extinction.

The problem, you see, is that the good fisher folk around the Caspian have not been very environmentally conscious.
Why, I’m not even sure there’s a Russian word for “sustainable development”. Alas, the fisher folk, in their quest to
bottle salty fish eggs (aka: cured roe) to sell for astronomical sums, have nearly wiped out the poor little (and
sometime BIG) fish that makes those eggs.

But don’t fret yet, dear foodies. You can still have your caviar and eat it too. Turns out it’s only the Caspain Sea
caviar that will be banned. Other places harvest beluga caviar too. And they are free to continue selling the