Moon Handbooks Living Abroad Series

We’ve posted a lot here about the joys and opportunities of living abroad. As someone who has lived overseas on and
off in his lifetime, I can tell you without any reservation whatsoever, that spending a year in another country is one
of the most fulfilling things you will EVER do.

But deciding where to go and how to do it can be taxing. There are so many great places, it can nbe hard to choose.
And more practically, what is the cost of living in, say Japan or Costa Rica? How do you find work there? Can you set
up a bank account? How welcoming are the locals?

These questions and many others are answered in the excellent series of
being put out by the good folks at Avalon Publishing, who also do the
popular Moon Guides series. I’ve taken a look at both the Living Abroad in Japan and Living Abroad in Costa Rica
volumes, and can tell you that they are chock full of useful information to help you address these issues. The list of
books so far is relatively small, but growing all the time. The books are written by people in the know —- they live
there, after all —- so you know the info comes first hand.

So far the company has published volumes on Costa Rica, Japan, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Ireland and Belize, with other
books on the way.