Blogging China

Follow Scott Loathes as he travels and blogs

Loathes was the assistant editor of an engineering magazine before saying “Take this job….” and hitting the road.
The Long Road. He is traveling across the Asian continent, from September to mid November until culminating the great
trip by meeting his fiancé in Japan. Now, should he have taken his fiancé with him? That’s a question to which only
Scott knows the answer. Maybe this is the last hurrah before marriage. If so, that’s cool. We understand.

Anyway, Scott’s blog is on the road with his band of merry “rail photographers”, sending dispatches (apparently with
some difficulty), from a land far far away. It’s pretty damn amazing when you think about it, as I did frequently while
in Armenia recently, how you can immediately post your thoughts on a place these days and whoosh, there they are for
all to read.