Bali Blog Blogs Bali Bombs

We haven’t checked out BaliBlog in a while, but it made sense to do so since
the recent bombings.

Once again extremists struck at the heart of tourism in one of the loveliest places around. Ruining things not just
for tourists, but for their own people. What, exactly, do they expect is going to happen? That an end will be put to
tourism and Bali will go back to an idyllic paradise where they can practice their religion in peace without having to
deal with the rest of the world? Craziness.

Thankfully, no one associated with the blog was hurt in the bombs. But the Nick the blogger over there is now doing a
fine job taking a look at the bombs effects, writing about the aftermath, and shining a light on life over there…this,
from the perspective of someone who lives there, which is always immensely valuable. I’d like to see more photos, if
that’s possible, but otherwise you do get a nice feel for
what the mood is like over