Drive I-95: The Book

Stan Posner and his wife Sandra want you to stop and smell
the roses. And the bathroom. The one along I-95 near the Cracker Barrel that actually smells like roses. Because, you
see, that is one of the better roadside bathrooms you will ever find along I-95.

Well, I’m not sure if there is actually a rose-smelling bathroom along I-95, but I do know that I found the idea for
a book about many of the little stops along the highway, a new book called Drivei95, to be pretty interesting. The book is loaded with history,
details, maps and advice about the I-95 corridor, a part of the country that to you and me is usually experienced
in a blur. Not so fast. There are all sorts of odd and interesting little places that you should know about. As well as
scores of McDonalds, Burger Kings and Ruby Tuesdays. The book tells you what to stop and check out, and what to
leave behind. Oh, and there are also other helpful details in the book, like where you are most likely to get
nabbed by police for speeding. And where you will find the most pet-friendly lodgings, places that don’t mind
so much if Fido craps on the rug.

It’s a cool concept…looks like a cool book.