Living in Costa Rica

Erik mentioned the Moon Living Abroad Handbooks
recently, and specifically gave a nod to the Costa Rica
one. I’ve written about Costa Rica several
times in the past month and I’m not exactly sure why, but
I’m beginning to think I should start considering a trip, since I seem to be drawn to this beautiful country.

Today I have to give a nod to another great resource — the personal blog of
Jacqueline Passey, who recently moved to Costa Rica with her
new beau after graduating college. I believe
this is the first stop on an eventual world tour for Jacqueline, but for now, she is settling in and learning all she
can about Costa Rica. She has visited before, so she is already quite knowledgeable about politics, culture and getting

She is currently taking Spanish
, attending seminars,
reporting on the floods and
collecting just a few books to learn more — I think she now owns a small library about the
country! Guidebooks are essential when planning a move abroad, but this blog is also a great place to poke around and
learn about what is going on right now in CR!