The Genre Traveler

The Genre Traveler is a new e-zine covering
travel topics for fans of science fiction and fantasy. It’s a mix of mystery and magic, right in time for the scariest
month of the year.

The premiere issue has
stories about the much anticipated 2006 Tolkin musical opening in Toronto, the moors of England, the Legend of Sleepy
Hollow, Los Dias de los Muertos, Halloween (of course!) and the Star Wars exhibit at the Museum of Science in Boston.
The cover story is all about The Famous Fells Point Ghost Tour, which I
have vowed to go on before the end of October, so I can finally experience first hand what has been spooking tourists
in my own town for years. I’ll report back on that one later this month.

For now, check out The Genre Traveler website and magazine, there is lots of niche travel stuff collected here.
According to creator C.S. Pothitt, she hopes to help travel enthusiasts see the world through genre-colored