Fleet Week in SF

If you live or happen to be hanging out in California, you might be interested to know that tomorrow
Fleet Week officially kicks off in “The City”. The event brings nearly
3,500 uniformed sailors to town to frolic and get drunk in the local bars. Tons (literally…many MANY tons) of ships
will be moored in the bay so you can wander around them and pretend you’re about to set off to attack rogue

Of course, no Fleet Week would be complete if the U.S. Navy’s elite flying team, the
Blue Angels, didn’t show up and perform their
eardrum-splitting aerial acrobatics over the city. Along with these events, there will be other entertainment including
the Red Bull Air Race World Series.

To get more info check out the Fleet Week SF site. Festivities take place
at Marina Green, Municipal Pier and Pier 39 in San Francisco.