Python Eats Croc…Explodes

I posted this photo and story
over at Divester, but I couldn’t help making sure Gadling folks got a gander as
well. The photo is of a python in Florida that exploded upon attempting to eat and digest a crocodile. Yes, you heard
that right. Now, the first question you ask might not be: How is it that a python could even TRY to eat a

But my question was: how did a 13-foot python end up in the swamps of Florida? Well, it turns out that pythons DO eat
crocs. And that the pythons generally get in the swamps because owners release them there. Yes, there are people who
wake up on a particular morning and say: “You know, maybe I don’t NEED a 13-foot snake anymore.” Ah, Florida.

(Thanks, Howie)