Seasonal Travel Pick: Niagara’s River Road

The closest I’ve ever been to Niagara Falls is that picture on the starch cans that typically ruins
your iron after a while. In fact
Niagara doesn’t rank high on my list of
must-see places, but seeing how it is a continuously growing list and after reading Guylaine’s story at Go
World Travel on
Niagara River Road
, I’m sure I could squeeze it in somewhere. Instead of visiting only to awe at the falls,
Guylaine offers an alternative natural wonder which runs parallel to the water and is perfect for this time
of year. The Niagara Parkway, also known as the river road for locals is an amazing display of fall colors,
orange, red, yellow and green hues which the author compares to a gallery of Impressionist paintings. Perfect
for driving along on the road or closer interaction such as walking or biking on one of the paths, the river road
proves a great way to explore the change of seasons. For those of you wishing to get much closer to the falls than
the starch can check out the story for additional restaurant recommendations, festivals, and facts about the