Paddling the Big Apple

Canoe and Kayak Magazine has got a nice feature on paddling
around New York City. Not only does the piece cover some of the best spots, but it takes the time to explain some of
the hazards of paddling on the river. This is useful information since some paddlers come to the city thinking that
it’s a beginner’s paddle spot, and while this isn’t exactly wrong, you do have to be careful of the Hudson’s powerful
currents and the busy boat traffic.

They mention the Downtown Boathouse, where you can take trips or take
out free kayaks (but only in a very confided little area), but I wish they’d given a bigger nod to the Manhattan Kayak
Company, which runs several fantastic tours around the river and down to the Statue of Liberty. You might remember
we did an early podcast with
Manhattan Kayak Co owner Eric Stiller. Check that out if you want to learn
more about paddling around the greatest city in the world