Volvo Ocean Race 2005

Only 26 days rest between the start of this
years Volvo Ocean Race to kick off in Vigo, Spain.
From that point seven teams will spend a year competing to see who
can circle the globe fastest. This year’s race has several new participants as well as some previous Ocean
Race faces and what’s even newer are the boats. The
VO70’s are said to get the teams around the
world 21 days quicker, but will this make their challenge easier? It very well could considering the numerous obstacles
they may have to face in each leg of the
, but not that easy. In Leg 1 alone the teams will have to navigate through rough weather, deal with demanding
conditions of the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone, find ways around the South Atlantic high pressure system and
possibly face the wind shadows from Table Mountain. Insane!

Stops will be made in Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Baltimore, New York, England and
Sweden with a finish date of June 17, 2006. For those ready to set sail with the teams check out the extremely detailed
web site, where you can sign-up to become a Virtual- Spectator, get the latest news from the crews, and most
importantly root for your favorite team.

In terms of around-the-world trips, this one has to be one of the greatest experiences anyone  could ever have!
Hands down.