Arctic Rush on TV Too

I posted yesterday about

a superb
(and long) article in the New York Times about global warming. Specifically, the article was about how the
Arctic (that’s the pole to the North…with polar bears, NOT penguins) was essentially melting. The question is what
changes will be wrought both locally and globally by a shrinking pole. Chicken Littles no doubt see it as the world
coming to an end, with places like Bangladesh and South Florida going the way of Atlantis. Others say it will create
vast new opportunities for energy exploration in areas once crusted in ice, and could make parts of Alaska much nicer
vacation destinations.

Well, I urge you to read the article (and subsequent pieces in the series). But I also urge you to check out the
Discovery Times TV
program that was done in conjunction with the articles. I watched it last night (with the producer of the show) and I
thought it was excellent…informative and compelling. Called Arctic Rush, the hour-long special discussed the same
issues as the article, but provided vivid images of how much things are really changing up there, along with interviews
with experts and native americans who are dealing with the changes. One of the most interesting things I heard in the
program came from one of the scientists who said that there is only a tiny handful of viable scientists who say global
warming is still not proven.

Arctic Rush will show again on the channel, and I urge you to
check the
and catch it.