ScubaCore III

A while back we took a look at the first edition of ScubaCore’s DVD series
on diving and we liked what we saw. I got my hands on edition
and, man, is this stuff good. I am experiencing one of the strongest “diving jones” I’ve ever had right now,
partly because it is raining here in New York, and partly because I am enjoying this DVD so much.

The DVD’s various and numerous segments are hosted by Anat Grant, the pretty and witty diver and ScubaCore co-owner.
The DVD is divided into portraits, reports and profiles, each with numerous sub-segments featuring video and (often
clever) commentary.

One segment on Kailua-Kona at the big island of Hawaii covers several excellent dives from the Kona Agressor II live
aboard, the only live aboard in the area. The segment not only shows off the fabulous diving there, but offers an
excellent introduction to live aboard life, and would be a great way to see what diving/living aboard the Kona Agressor
II is like. Another segment in the profile section on the Manta (aka: the Soul of the Ocean) features some of the
better manta footage I’ve seen.

The segment on night diving Provo (in the Turks and Caicos) had some cool shots of octopuses that made me regret I
didn?t night dive the T&C when I was there. This was followed by a dive from West Caicos, where the viz was superb,
the trumpetfish were plentiful and their camera caught some beautiful shots of the deep, deep blue.

In the Reports section called Divers, Sharks and People, Grant talks about sharks and the opportunities out there for
divers to dive with them, but it also takes an environmental angle, providing interviews with scientists and experts
who discuss shark behavior (apparently they are like students diving on a pile money?were money to be dropped in front
of them) and the dangers sharks face in the world today.

The Profiles section gives highlights from previous ScubaCore issues (again, more excellent videography), as well as
glimpses of future ScubaCore issues.

All in all, after viewing two full versions of these programs, I have to say these are terrific DVDs. The shooting and
the writing is professional and sometimes exhilarating. If you are an avid diver, or know someone who is, you can?t go
wrong adding these DVDs to your library or giving them as gifts.
There?s enough stuff here to keep you long entertained and/or to provide you with the inspiration you need to plan your
next diving trip. Three episodes into this project, I am now waiting for what comes next. Kudos to ScubaCore.