Thai Yum Beef Recipe

My mother surprised me this evening, treating me and my taste-buds to my latest rave in food
at one of my favorite local Thai spots. Gotta love mom. I’m usually the type to exhaust the
menu trying every dish if the restaurant has won my affection in the past. But as of right now I’m stuck on
Jasmine Thai’s extremely spicy
Yum Beef salad. Comprised of tossed barbequed beef,
sweet-sesame inspired smokey hot sauce and fresh veggies, you’ll also want to have a side of jasmine rice available to
cool things down a bit. Best served warm (IMO), the small salad or appetizer can be eaten either hot or cold. The last
three times I’ve been in I’ve ordered this same dish, this time deciding I might want to learn to cook it
myself. That way I’ll be able to move on and try something else on the menu.

The recipe found here looks pretty time consuming and
may involve some level of skill in the kitchen, but if you’re ready for a Thai dish that isn’t just pad-thai noodles,
let this one be my suggestion.