Tango Diva

I just love the name of this website for female travel goddesses.
Tango Diva provides tips, tools and
inspiration for women solo travelers.
This growing online community is the creation of Teresa
Rodriguez Williamson
, the original Tango Diva, and author of Flying Solo, a new book due out this

Female travelers provide perspectives and ratings of major cities around the world, ranking each on four criteria:
cultural, activity, weather and social. There are also some fabu travel stories:
I was having eye sex
in a tango show in Buenos Aires.
Enough said. It’s great! And Tango Diva editor Stephanie Block shares an
interesting tale about a visit to
Varaklani, Latvia
to learn more about her ancestors. Those are just two examples — they have stories on everything from volunteer
vacations to high-flying fashion.

Tango Diva is stylish and well-designed, offering the perfect amount of content for busy women on the go. They
sponsor events and
vacations, and the first annual
Diva Visionary Award, which is accepting
nominations until October 31. To top it off, 
they’ve got RSS feeds too, for diva geeks like me. Check it
out and tell us what you think Gadling gals — let’s hear from some traveling divas here too!