One Million Miles in Two Months

We should all have goals when they travel.
Me, I’d like to travel to every continent (I only lack Australia). I’d like to visit every country on the globe (I’m
quite a bit further off on this count). I’d like to learn another two languages (say, French and Arabic). Aaaaand I’d
like to bring about world peace, have breakfast with extra-terrestrials and prevent earthquakes with my mind. So

Goals are good. But what about this guy’s goal?
Marc Tacchi is taking the
notion of a frequent flier to new, um, heights. Tacci is trying to accumulate one million air mile credits
before the end of November.

Why and how? Well, Tacchi is a commercial cargo pilot, and two weeks ago he decided to take Air Canada up on its
North America Unlimited Pass offer. The offer costs $3,500 a month and allows unlimited travel to more than
100 destinations in North America. But keep in mind that credits do NOT equal miles. That makes his task quite a bit
easier. As he puts it: “I’m flying about 7,500 miles or points a day, but I hold super-elite status so it multiplies
out at 2.75. I’m doing 19,000 points a day.” Cheating, perhaps? Yeah, I think so too.But a goal’s a goal.