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silent birth, nicotine beer, and the real iPod video plan.

Karina Longworth on Steven Spielberg?s
and Spike Lee?s
New Orleans
. Plus, is Kirsten Dunst done with Spiderman?
Martha Fischer has
the details.

TV Squad?s
Ryan j Budke asks,
?What shows do
you want to see in iTunes?
? Bob Sassone reveals the real
story regarding
Vartan?s departure
from Alias and Adam Finley takes a
peek into who your five favorite stand-up
comedians are

Blogging Baby?s Jay Allen highlights the best non-electronic
ways to stir a child?s imagination with his top 10
low-tech toys
, Stefania Butler doesn?t quite know how to respond to news that Katie Holmes will attempt a
Scientology-inspired ?silent birth? and Melissa
Summers is amazed that the Internet now allows you to have
sperm shipping straight to your living room.

TUAW gathers A peanut gallery of WIN bloggers to chatcast
Apple?s Special Event,
Scott McNulty takes a look at the new
iMac G5 and Frontrow, and
C.K. Sample, III looks at what
quality of video $1.99 is buying for
your new iPod.

Willy Volk marvels that the
Lost City of
Atlantis is open for business off Cayman Brac
and discusses a
Russian-made rebreather and sub escape suit
, while Erik Olsen and Willy both go ga-ga over
Fabien Cousteau
swimming with sharks.

HDBeat?s Matt Burns sees an opportunity for more
women?s programming in HDTV,
Richard Lawler finds the first eye-popping streaming HD content,
and Kevin C. Tofel tells you when to expect SED

CardSquad finds out poker players finally have a non-profit to
protect them. Derek McGuire looks at
The Poker Player Alliance. Investment strategy
and risk assessment learned on Wall Street apply to poker, too, according to
The Tao of Risk. The Main Event of the WSOP comes to
ESPN. Wil Wheaton thinks
their coverage needs a pot-sized

Bob Sassone ponders one of life?s greatest mysteries:
Why do some teabags still have
Nick Vagnoni reports on a German brewery
experimenting with nicotine-laced beer and
Sarah Gilbert brings us
11 tips for maintaining a low-fat
from fellow food blog life begins at 30.

DV Guru?s Ajit
takes a look at some
helpful and free web applications.
Plus, Mike Burgoyne gives a run down of all the
new features in Nero
and explains the best ways to
get video onto the new

Luxist?s Jordan Running tells you how to
get upgraded