Argentina’s Abasto Plaza Hotel

The five-star Abasto Plaza Hotel located in Buenos
Aries, goes beyond the ordinary theme hotel.
From the moment you check-in you’ll notice the concierge dressed in a uniform that
resembles a black tango dress.  You can rest assured they’ll be quite helpful answering all of your tango
questions. Rooms are decorated with tango motifs in addition to the rest of the hotel interior dotted with dancing
illustrations. Rates start at $200 and include breakfast, gym usage, and tango lessons of course. For $400 extra
dollars you book the suite which includes a dance floor in the room. At night you’ll be able to enjoy live
dancing by two tango champions and should you get happy feet of your own you can purchase shoes in the tango boutique.
Not enough of the sexy and moody dance that has been practiced for centuries?

If that’s the case, make sure you book your reservations during the Tango Festival to be held February 24-March
6, 2006 or the World Tango Championship in August 2006. In short the country is hoping to dance Argentina
back into the tourism industry the way it was before the 2002 economic crisis.