Gadling Podcast: Intv. Fabien Cousteau

It’s time for a very special, all new interview podcast from Gadling. Like our interview a
while back with Shadow Divers’ John Chatterton,
this one ties in very nicely with sister blog Divester, as it is largely about scuba
diving and exploration. 

So for this new podcast, we sought out and interviewed someone whose name will
unquestionably sound familiar.  Fabien Cousteau is
the grandson of uber-famous, French-accented ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau, whose TV program The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau was a viewing staple at my home and
was one reason I (and many others I’m sure) learned to dive.

Anyway, Fabien is also a big-time explorer and, as you might have read
right here recently, has pioneered a new type of submarine that is shaped like, and swims like, a Great White shark.
Nicknamed "Troy", the shark sub is designed to allow Cousteau, who rides inside, to film Great Whites in
their natural habitat with as little external / foreign stimulus as possible. You’ll hear why this is important in the

we hope you like it. Cousteau is an immensely charismatic, terrifically bright guy, and I think you’ll find the story
of the shark sub very cool.


00:50   Intro and babble
05:40   Start of Interview

05:50   Growing up Cousteau
08:10   Human Environmental Impact
Previous Work
09:22   Filming Orcas
10:00   Growing up with Sharks

13:06   Mind of  a Demon Show
14:25   Eliminate External Stimulus

14:50   Shark Sub Idea
17:35   Go Beyond Cage