Independent Travel in China

I’ve been following along with an excellent
series of
from Seattle Times travel writer Carol Pucci, who is in the midst of a three-week visit to
China. Carol is tackling China as an independent “middle-of-the-road” traveler, attempting to show how it is
becoming easier to travel in China on the cheap and
on your own.

Traditionally, most visitors to China either opt for luxury guided group tours or the budget backpacker travel
style. But Carol has planned her trip on her own, and doesn’t intend to live on $5 or $500 a day. She booked most of
her affordable accommodations via the internet and is purchasing inexpensive inter-country flights as she goes,
illustrating how much easier travel in China continues to become.

After spending several days in
Shanghai, Carol and
her husband flew to Guilin in southwestern China, then headed 60 miles south by bus to
Yangshou, on the Li River.
After a few more days exploring country towns and villages in this region, Carol will close out her trip with a visit
to Beijing. Her dispatches contain loads of valuable information and web links, and there are great
reader tips and
too, which are sure to assist others planning an independent trip to China.