New York City: 2nd Annual NY Pizza Show

As much as I’d like to inform you that this large gathering of folks dedicated to making the best
slice of cheesy New York Pizza or any kind of pizza is open fully to the public I
haven’t found anything on the site that suggested such. So if you’d like to attend the
upcoming pizza show you may want to latch onto someone
headed inside and tell them how bad your buds (taste-buds) would like to get in on all that pizza fun. The
seminars might be a little boring if learning to increase sales and make your pizza operation a gold-mine isn’t on your
feasting agenda so strolling the exhibitors booths might be your best bet. If you can get in. Seeing no trip to NY is
complete without one slice of the city’s pizza it might be worth getting booted out by security. You can tell everyone
it was part of the whole experimental travel buzz everyone’s getting into.

The show runs November 1-2, 2005 at the Javits Convention Center.