New York City: I Heart N Y

New York City is huge on shops, boutiques, designer names, street vendors, etc. I could have
spent a little time composing a list of some of my favorites and pooling some of yours, but
in the big picture there is only ONE signature piece of clothing that clings to the minds of
both tourists and locals. I Love NY
Whether you gave in on your first visit making your purchase while lingering around JFK
or waited till you became a permanent resident in the state they are undeniably great, cheap, and simple

The pre-shrunk, 100% cotton T-shirt can be found at

NYC Webstore
along with a brief history of the shirt which made its debut in 1977 with ads featuring
Frank Sinatra, Morgan Fairchild, and Yul Brynner. If the oh-so-popular touristy tee-shirt fails to tickle your
fancy and you still have big place in your heart for NY check-out the

full online store
. Maybe you’ll feel more comfortable sporting I Love NY on your jammies.