Houston or Chicago?

Sports fan allegiances aside…which city would you visit first,
given the chance?  Let’s try to be nice here, no bashing or mudslinging from the die hard fans if you can
help it — just some good clean World Series Travel Fun!

Houston has the Space
, the Battlefield and the

best tourist attraction

Chicago has the Sears Tower Sky Deck, the
Lake and the
best landmark that no one visits.

Personally, I’d pick Houston to visit, only because I’ve never been there before, and I prefer the warmer climates.
But if I was going to visit during this series, I think I’d pick Chi-Town over H-Town, because I’m pulling for the Sox.
And I’ve got to guess that Chicago has more attractions and cultural institutions to choose from, it does have a larger
metro area. Where would you go?

Here is a “Best Of” list for each city and some good blogs to monitor to keep up with all the baseball action and
the daily scoop on each city:


NewCityChicago: Best of 2005

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Gapers Block



Houston Press: Best of 2005

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H-Town Blogs

If you have suggestions on other good city blogs, or want to weigh in on your favorite of these two baseball towns,
please share your comments. Play Ball!