Richard Bangs Adventure on Yahoo

Slap me with a fish. I’m dying here. Once
again Richard Bangs nailed one of the best assignments
around. Way back, I posted about Bangs’ series for, a multimedia project called
Great Escapes that took Bangs too Papua New Guinea where
he provided video, photos and such…real online adventure. Original Web content. Love it. Let’s see more and more of
this stuff.

Well Yahoo, which got into the original content game big-time with Kevin Sites
Hot Zones
, now has upped the ante with an adventure program based on Bangs travels. Called
Richard Bangs Adventures, the online series will
take us desk jockeys to remote places around the world, offering a taste of adventure without leaving your desk for

I sampled the first series, which includes the story of a climber who died on the Eiger (remember the great movie
with Clint Eastwood about the Eiger?) as well as some interviews with climbers. It’s pretty decent so far. The video
stuttered for me and I found the interface clunky, but once the video got started I found it a fairly enjoyable viewing
experience. Could have been better, but still good. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for the next parts of the series.