Road Read: Oxford Atlas of the World

Okay, so you don’t exactly read this one from cover to cover, but
it’s a book, and it is helpful to travelers worldwide, year after year. That qualifies it as today’s Road
, another new feature we are kicking off here at Gadling, where we’ll do our very best to bring you a
book a day from the wide world of travel.

The Oxford
Atlas of the World
is the only atlas on the market that is updated annually, and yesterday NPR
spoke with editor Ben
Keene to get the scoop on the 2005 deluxe edition released this month. Updates to map sections include adjusting the
size of the Aral Sea and noting Pretoria’s new name, Tshwane. Oxford has also added 33 more city maps (for a total of
100) and 102 pages of geopolitical maps (making 278 in all) to this Deluxe Edition. But, as big and hefty as this book
is (weighing in at 12 pounds), I could not find a decent sized jpeg of the cover, so this map image from NPR will have
to do.