Far Flung: Coming Home

I just finished reading an insightful feature that was recently posted at
Far Flung, an online mag which has been
mentioned here before. I actually read this piece twice,
and could probably read it over several more times — there is a lot to digest.

As You Set Out for Ithaka: When Rolling Stones Roll Home
is written by Molly Beer, a freelance writer and teacher. The piece explores her personal journey of returning home
after extended travel, sharing her thoughts and observations on the process of coming home, to whatever form that
“home” might take. I won’t attempt to summarize any further — read it and take from it what speaks to you.

Even though I am just preparing to leave on an extended trip, this article gave me much food for thought. It is
something I know I’ll have to face eventually, but not in the near future. These days, I’m actually struggling with the
“preparing to leave” phase, which Beer refers to as “the easy part”. I’m sure embarking is not nearly as difficult as
returning, but it has its challenges too. Regardless, there is no reason for me to fret about it now, since I know it
won’t hinder my decision to head out. That said, I’m sure I’ll return to this piece for guidance when I return to
“home” one day too.