Kama’aina Alelo – Native Tongue

Though knowing how to speak the Hawaiian language isn’t
really needed or necessary during your
stay having just a wee-bit of knowledge could gain you some respect
amongst the locals. Overall you’ll be doing yourself a huge favor by learning a piece of Hawaiian history, with like
many things have become endangered. Aloha-Hawaii has perfect little glossary of the
most common words used. The 12 letter and
one symbol language is quite easy to pick up on after a couple of days around the islands and you’ll probably hear
the words makai and mauka used to give directions. Unlike most tourists you’ll be able to say, “Ok,
brah. So I head toward the mountains…” Then you can throw up your shaka, say your mahalo’s and aloha’s and be on your
way. While all that might be a bit much everyone can applaud effort or get a laugh out of it in the very

A hui hou – Til we meet again.