Paddling the North

With the help of two friends, Scott Miller paddled a canoe for over 2,250 miles, plying the rives and byways of the
North like a modern-day explorerer. He paddled rivers and lakes, covering an expanse of watery highway from St. Cloud
to Hudson Bay, Canada, all in the name of a similar trip that was made 75 years ago two Minneapolis teenagers named
Walter Port and Eric Sevareid.

If the name Sevareid sound familiar, well it is. Sevareid went on to become a big shot TV journalist. But he also
authored a famous travel book called “Canoeing with the Cree.” Miller’s epic adventure is documented on a
website, and using a laptop, solar panels and a satellite phone to
stay hooked up in the backcountry, Miller and friends kept in touch with the world and filed dispatches about their
cool trip, which ended last August.